Just a quick note because tomorrow’s the deadline for my UIST submission.

Jacob came home this week with his first report card!  Of course I didn’t need to read it to know what a terrific guy he is, but some might say I’m biased.  Nonetheless, it was great to read all of the great things that Ms. Lundy, his JK teacher this year, had to say about our little man.

The central theme of the report seemed to be the classroom’s “Big Blocks” area. Jacob was observed to seek out the big blocks, to use complex strategies in organizing multi-child big-block designs, to share the big blocks well with other children, and to organize and perform excellent big-block cleanup activities.

Ms. Lundy also spoke highly of Jake’s reading, and general love for and good care of books.  He was encouraged to continue participate heavily in the classroom’s “borrow a book” program.

For his father there was only one sour note:  Jacob seems to really enjoy using the computers.  After the big blocks, this was his favorite activity.  He particularly enjoyed the “computer buddies” program in which he and an older student collaborate on various electronic pastimes.  Let me be clear:  I won’t stand in his way, but I know this path well.  Danger.

So in a nutshell, Elena, Imelda, and me are very very proud of our little guy.  His first foray into the realm of judgment by authority has gone smoothly.  I look forward to many to come.

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Way to go Jake! (kudos to Elena,Mike and Imelda too)!

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