The Columbus Dispatch has a story about how Antioch College is closing its doors!

My brother Jer started his path of higher education at Antioch.  I visited there during the height of political correctness in the mid 90’s.  Even just being there for a day or two was pretty shocking to me.  One really had the feeling that the chickens were running the hen-house.   They also had a co-op program where they would send kids out into the world to work with little oversight or quality control over the jobs.

Part of me is sad on general principles of not wanting to see an educational institution close its doors under any circumstance (not sure if I’ve ever heard of this happening before, actually).  But most of me is so unsurprised at this demise that all I can think is “Good Riddance”.

One Response to “Antioch College Closing”

Sadly Antioch was always more known for the freakish publicity stunts it launched and it’s willingness to promote and graduate students regardless of their ineptitude, so long as they could pay tuition. It wasn’t until I intended other schools of both the liberal arts and mega-state flavor, that I realized it was only a caricature of what existed everywhere else.

To this day, the courses I took there shape my thinking in a way that academic work elsewhere never did. And though few choose to believe it, the courses I took there more academically demanding than anything that ever followed, the rub being that you passed with the same result if you did none of the work and learned nothing.

The academics were actually widely admired in early decades, and some of the faculty stayed on and kept up the intensity even when the children of previous alumni came to rebel against the notion of rebellion.

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