Optimus Poster

Just saw a Transformers  story on digg.   Following the link I was treated to a quite nice poster for the upcoming movie.  But that’s not really important.  What’s important, and clear from the image on the poster (also above, is that Optimus looks cool.  And by cool, I mean that he has no lips.  Think giant robot that transforms into an ass-kicking 18-wheeler, rather than “kinda like a parrot”.

2 Responses to “Optimus Prime Loses His Lips”

Just watched the Transformers movie…. the robot’s got lips. Except in combat mode when he transforms the usual mask like thing over his lips… that is in fact the only thing that make combat mode different from regular mode…. lack o’lips.

Yah. I was gonna blog that but it seemed like it might stop people from seeing the movie…which I liked. The lips were bad bad though. His samurai mask face was very cool though…not expressive but isn’t that the point…he’s a robot.

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