Lately Jacob has taken to authoring elaborate presentations to commemorate the various special days which come about.  My first whiff of this one was last Friday when Jacob told me right out that incredible things were happening upstairs for Father’s Day.  When I told him that the actually day would be Sunday, he rushed upstairs for about 15 minutes performing unknown actions of hiding and preparation, and by the time I was upstairs there was no trace of anything amiss.

Sunday morning came about, and Jake came trotting downstairs beaming with two bright red crepe paper packages in tow.  He wished me happy Father’s day and handed me the packages.  Opening them, I found two exquisite picture frames, decorated with carefully chosen bits of hardware.  Jake explained that Sophie had needed a bit of help gluing hers on.

Fathers day picture of Jacob Fathers day picture of Sophie

Jake then cryptically mentioned that my bed was under attack by monsters!  He ran upstairs, giving me looks to indicate that I should follow immediately.  You can imagine the shock I felt when the following tableau revealed itself:

Monsters Attack!

The chest at the foot of the bed had been colonized by an enormous variety of KNex monsters which Jacob had laboriously constructed for maximum scariness and POWER!  He proceeded to walk me through the collection, explaining the details of each — including the inspiration behind the monsters as a quick sketch of the more interesting difficulties in construction.

Jacob explains the monsters

We then proceeded to “play monster” for about 30 minutes, breaking a few in the process, and building some new ones.

My little boy is the sweetest, best boy a father could ask for.  He made my Fathers day one that I’ll remember for all time.  His optimism, energy, and creativity are an inspiration to me that I can’t even begin to describe.

3 Responses to “Scary father’s day”

What great kids and what a great Father’s Day! These posts are a good way to keep a record for them when they are older.

Is the hardware a Dad-ish sort of father’s day thing, or just what was on hand in terms of decorating materials?

I’m guessing the former, but I admit that either explanation of the hardware is plausible. I’m gonna see Tina tonight, so I can ask her about this in addition to getting clarification on the glue question.

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