So upset about the Libby I can’t talk about it. So I looked around to find something cheery and found this post on Cosmic Variance. Seems the FDA is considering a proposal to allow irradiated meat to be sold with no label.

The meat industry really wants this because they spend almost all of their efforts trying to keep shit from getting mixed in to the meat they ship. It would be much cheaper for them to just leave the shit in, except that would make lots of people sick (lots more than already do, that is). So they have this plan to “cold pasteurize” their product by shining it with an intense beam of high energy gamma radiation. This kills bad bugs by knocking apart their DNA so they can’t reproduce.

Unfortunately, it also knocks everything else apart too, filling the tasty beef with all sorts of radiolytic byproducts, smashed up molecule fragments, many of which do not occur in nature at all. Of course that’s only speculation, because the actual composition of these byproducts have not been closely studied. What has been studied is the radiation’s effect on the taste of the meat, which was described as “wet dog” or “singed hair”.

3 Responses to “Shit in the meat”

its at times like this that I’m happy I’m a vegetarian.

since my China visit I too am eating mainly fish and vegetables- do I need to be concerned about anything more than pesticides and mercury?

I know it’s been a while since this went up, but Mike has stopped blogging. Just wanted to express my disappointment that nobody made an “EAT SH*T and DIE,” joke.

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