The latest column by our friend Diane Flacks came out yesterday.  As usual, it was terrific.  Had me laughing out loud from the beginning.  This installment’s subject was on the relationship between TV and parenting.  Diane’s take on the subject was funny and insightful.  The column also sparked a lively reader discussion in the comments, many of which made excellent points (especially the one I wrote).

Read the column here

3 Responses to “Television and Parenting”

Great column and comment but I still don’t know who I am and I stopped watching TV long ago? Maybe Diane’s readers will be able to help.

Mom… is that comment a reference to the time I turned the tv off in the middle of a show we were watching together and eliciting the response, “WHO AM I…… I mean why did YOU DO THAT?!?”

What show was that anyway? Kate and Ally, Perfect Strangers? Ah, good times.

Oops. Seems I misquoted you Mom. But I think I nailed the spirit of it in my comment. Hope you weren’t offended Mom. I hesitated before using that example but it was just so darn apt.

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