Artist Marcus Coates latest piece “Dawn Chorus” features humans singing the morning songs of birds.  Coates first records the birdsongs and slows them down so that the songs are voiced in the human vocal range.  He plays these songs to human singers, and tapes them as they sing the songs they hear.  Then he speeds up the sound and video to place the human recording back into the vocal range of the bird.  The results are stunning: I’d love to try it.

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I especially like the original slow recording.

I visited this piece (or a piece just like it.. I can’t seem to confirm) at this exhibition in 2002 which also showed work by a friend of mine:

It was, i think, the only piece I remember experiencing.. and it was interesting.. I think the thing my friends and I asked each other was.. did he really do it? or was the whole point that the explanation made you think that he did? and did it matter? (we always get into these conversations that end with ‘is it art?’ or ‘what is art?’) heh.

(just to clarify – I didn’t see a video piece, i experienced a stairwell, filled with birdsong.. and the explanation that it was the artist whose voice had been sped up)

and.. I was dying to hear the slowed down version.. now i want to play with the sound and speed it up slowly.. listening to get it get more and more like the birdsong!

I’m sorry to post a third comment here.. but i’ve done a little research, and it turns out that the piece I saw in 2002 was by a different artist. I got a bit carried away and wrote about it on my own blog – complete with many links!

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