In the morning I usually do my work under a tree in a very nice grassy courtyard on campus.  It’s completely enclosed and thus quiet, and the internets shine brightly so my battery lasts until lunch.  Very nice I admit.

This morning, however the entire courtyard has been given over to some kind of garbage movie shoot.  My tree, which is usually completely isolated, is now surrounded by an army of film techs:

I should also mention that the bench you can see is not normally there, but would be a nice addition if they happen to leave it behind.

So I’m working under another tree across the courtyard.  Here I seem to be surrounded by students and other university types who are all dressed as if they are in the 1960s.  All of this makes me think that I might be in the shoot, and I’m not sure how my laptop works with the mood they’re trying to create.  Still, nobody has said anything so for the time being I’ll stay put.

One Response to “A small price to pay”

I love it! You with your laptop and phone camera?(great picture of your idyllic spot!) secretly sitting and observing and hoping for a little anachronistic sabotage. Does it get any better?!

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