Yay.  According to this message on their site, allofmp3 will soon resume their tasty service.  Seems a Russian court has recently decided that, as they always charmingly pointed out, allofmp3 does not violate any Russian copyright laws.  To my knowledge, they do not violate any Canadian ones either.  Umm, there might be a bit of problem with US copyright law though….but I’m no expert.

One Response to “Allofmp3 to return”

Wow, they get to keep going! that’s awesome!
I haven’t checked the story for a while, but I remember them having exploited a sort of loophole in Russian copyright law … based on an ambiguity in their law or somesuch… maybe needs legislative change…. anyway, most major countries are supposed to be in compliance with several major copyright treaties which hold the meat of the law, and usually make their own law to come into compliance.

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