Two years ago today, Katrina made landfall. The levees broke, and my home town was destroyed. President Bush spent the morning thumbing around on a guitar with some country music star who’s name I forget…or never knew.

Today Bush is in New Orleans again for his picture taking and empty promises. There is nothing I can say to express my rage and disappointment.

Shelley Midura, a New Orleans councilwoman, sent an open letter to Bush yesterday, which I hope everyone will read. It incredibly captures the bitterness and frustration of the current situation without descending into the dark pit of fury and anger. She’s well spoken and reasonable, and displays the kind of leadership which New Orleans has sorely lacked. So I’ll let her words speak for themselves.

2 Responses to “Katrina Anniversary”

hey Mike, I’m visiting your mom in MD and I love seeing your blog and photos of your adorable kids! Thank you for keeping New Orleans in the public eye and for loving New Orleans so much (and for believing in the Saints!) You should come for a game and stay with me!

As you say, Shelley Midura writes well and sadly it’s hard to imagine seeing such an articulate letter coming from either Blanco or Nagin. New Orleans has always suffered a “brain drain” of the well-educated leaving, thanks for posting up a counter-example.

Have you seen last year’s documentary by Spike Lee? I have it here but haven’t yet dared to watch it. One of the only things to make me cry is Katrina related documentaries, they just hit me at such a raw level.

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