The Boy Scouts have long been on my shit-list thanks to their anti-gay stance. Which makes this latest news even funnier…or more depressing. Recent documents obtained as part of ongoing litigation show that in the past 60 years, 5,100 scout leaders have been axed due to charges of sexual abuse. Before 1991 the rate was about one every 3 days. In the last 16 years the rate has jumped to one removal every 2 days. I can’t say I’m surprised about the basic facts of the matter – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to imagine what sort of person is drawn to leading “packs” of fit, impressionable boys. But the enormous rate and the fact that they kept it quiet – even through the Catholic church’s similar problems – certainly caught me off guard.


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The type of adults who lead…are fathers of sons who they want to teach morality as well as 12 other values that seem to be forgotten in todays society.

You may have your views and formed opinions but until you have walked in the shoes of hard working dedicated parents trying to teach their sons how to be a good man. I doubt you have the knowledge to pass judgment on the millions of scouts around the world.

Though the allegations are sad and tragic there are sides to this story that are being missed by bloggers like you.

Scouting encourages parents to stay involved. In fact scout leaders are always parents of kids who are in the troop. Where was the accusers parents and who failed them? Scouting or the parents?

6 to 18 years old. That is a wide range of time and 22 years after the last incident the brothers come forward. Scouting has changed in 22 years. The rules for youth protection have changed dramatically. Is it perfectly safe sadly no. The perverts are out there and scouting if anything is one organizations trying to teach boys morality in a era when it seems to be a No tell No Questions society.

My last point is the numbers from the attorney. They dont jive. Scouting started in the US in 1910 1 abuse every 3 days and 2 since 1991 means over 9000 people have been removed. The removal do not indicate abuse of a sexual nature. How many of the 9000+ alleged cases are real tragedies. How many are the system working before kids could be hurt. Each adult is required to go through a background check. How many of the files are the boy scouts doing their job and how many are true crimes?

Its sad cause as a parent involved in scouting with a son in scouting I do everything I can to teach him to be morally straight. I also am not using the boy scouts as a day care service. Parents need to be more involved and the Boy Scouts of America Encourages it. Many just choose to drop and run with the boy scouts and never bother to attend a single activity the boys are involved in. That is the recipe for disaster.

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