Ah well.  Just saw at UrbanPhoto that McGill’s Architecture Cafe is closing.

In my McGill days of yore I spent hours and hours in there.  They used to bring in a box of these delicious sandwiches on crusty buns for lunch.  My favorite was called the Pepperonata…a name which still makes me hungry hungry.  They also had a couch on which one could catch a few winks after an all-nighter, or before an exam.

I suppose it’s no big surprise that McGill wants to move out this student-run sloppy-op with a slick Corporate Licensee.  The same happened here at UofT last year when the Arbor Room was replaced with Sammy’s House of Not Very Good Food.  Profit has now become the primary human right.

One Response to “Too funky indeed”

Capitalism is way out of control- I just came from a party where I was practically nauseated by what a gentleman who works for an ngo in New Orleans told me about it’s effect on that city’s “rebuilding. I was so nauseated I lost my appetite!

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