I’m still stinging from the crushing defeat of the Saints last Thursday night.  The lot of the Saints fan has never been carefree, to be sure, but things are still looking very positive.  Somehow I seem to be associated one way or another with football teams which have trouble winning.  The rally chant at every school I have attended was “That’s alright, that’s OK, you’re gonna work for us someday.”  Classist at least, but you have to cling to something.

Now I’m at UofT, pursuing the highest level degree I’ve yet attempted.  It seems somehow fitting that the accompanying football should be epically horrible.  So I can’t say I was surprised when I read that the Varsity Blues are closing in on the record for most lost games in a row.  I haven’t followed this as closely as I should have, but it seems that our 50–7 loss to the Ottawa Gee-Gees over the weekend was number 43 in a streak.  The record is 47 losses in a row, which will happen on October 13th!  What’s more is that by sheer coincidence that will also be the 6 year anniversary of the last time the Blues won a game.

Mark the date.

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Mike- Mom’s sage advice: rout for the opponents next game.

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