So we’re out of coffee at home.  Not proud of it.

That means that for the second day I bought a coffee at the “Mega Bites” cafe on the first floor of the Bahen Centre.  Medium Dark.  All in, the price of this coffee is $2.01.  On neither day did I have the penny.  This forced the transaction to require:

  1. Discussion beforehand about whether I had a penny
  2. Discussion afterwards about how she was not allowed to forgo the penny because she’s little more than a trained rat looking for kibble and maybe an occasional hit of delicious high-grade cocaine buried deep inside of her corporate union-busting labyrinth.
  3. An extended process of making change (both days I had $1 and $2 coins in ample supply)
  4. Me to consume valuable time blogging this gruntle
  5. You to consume valuable time reading it (sorry, but if you’ve read this far, shame on you)

So it would be really great if they would drop the price by one penny.  My guess is that they themselves would actually save money.

5 Responses to “Coffee Complaint”

all this BEFORE your wake up coffee- I couldn’t have done it myself.
PS I think this could make you some money as a Seinfeld or Curb your Enthusiasm episode

But that picture of the bean alone perks me up. Is it 2.01 after tax or sumwhat, or is that actually the price someone selected?

Agreed. It’s a good bean.

The price was after tax. But they know what the tax is, don’t they?

I think you should update to reflect that I bought new beans for the family and we are now bathed in early-morning caffeine.

Sorry you had to suffer so, We understand. Hate to have you without coffee, visit our webite & we’ll help you out. No Pennies involved.

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