1. Chase Jer, have Jer chase you, hide in round clothes racks until parents or store management make you stop
  2. Ride escalators up and down — they’re crisscrossed so you can watch people and throw balls across until parents or store management make you stop (n.b. balls are available in the Sporting Goods section
  3. Play keyboards in the electronics section, turn volume down when forced by parents or store management
  4. Watch intro screens of Atari tapes, wishing you had a joystick
  5. Linger around the creepy popcorn and candy stand near the west entrance.  Wonder, even as a child, who the target market is and what it says about the broader society
  6. Proceed to tiny arcade at the west entrance.  Watch intro screens, check coin return slots for quarters

3 Responses to “Things to do in the Clearview Sears when you’re a kid in the ’80s”

I remember only two games by the entrance, not so much an arcade, but it was the first time I saw Space Invaders, even if I couldn’t see over the border art to really play.

This was a particularly good Atari 2600 intro to watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yej3M9Ec8Cg

You were such creative children!

heh – I had to work in that Sears.

Just for a summer.

Damn kids. (FWIW, they now don’t let kids hang out in Clearview anymore).

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