I was outraged last month by the brutal murder of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski by agents of the RCMP.  I watched the entire video of the event, which showed Dziekanski lost and confused in the Vancouver airport.  He was performing mildly aggressive actions, such as throwing a computer and yelling.  That might have been because he had been stuck alone in the baggage claim area for several hours.  He spoke no English and had never been outside of Poland.  The RCMP arrived and murdered him within 25 seconds, despite the fact that he posed no threat to them ( they were 4 trained, armed men and he was alone and unarmed ).

It still makes me furious to think that this happened here.  The RCMP should be disbanded, or relegated to shows and parades where they can wear their Dudley Dooright outfits to the delight of the crowd.  Worse still is the fact that the story has completely disappeared, despite the 300 or so groups promising full inquiries at the time.  So it was refreshing to me to see Wired post this nice parody of the events.  In the video below, you can see the MegaMan version of the violence.  I’d be tempted to say that it trivializes the events, but it actually does a very good job of capturing the outrageous situation.  And the presentation actually works well to show the cartoonish and thoughtless approach which the RCMP bring to the job.


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