Sometimes when I’m walking around I sing to myself.  Maybe I get some strange looks on the street, but in general it works for me.  Usually it’s a Niggun-like repeating pattern, that changes a bit over time.  And it occured to me that I have a computer and stuff  that would let me actually sing with myself if I let it, and the tune’s evolution would turn into harmony, maybe.

Well it took me more time than my Linux-addled pride cares to admit to get stuff set up for that, but I finally did it.  And in honour of it being Erev Shabbos I sang something very close to a pre-Barucha Niggun.  Well, the technique certainly needs refinement (not to mention the singing), but I figured I’d send out the results anyway, because I actually really like them! So without further ado…here’s my First Song with Me.

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Eureka! You’re a composer!

shavu tov

I open your blog on a computer without speakers…
(at the lab now) – but I look forward to hear it later!

I opened your blog so i could send you a note about abigail and i’m greated by multiples of you davening??? I wanted to let u know that abigail will be singing (on stage-not on a computer– like her brother!) with the lyric opera!!!!…check the schedule for paggliacci. she’ll be in makeup and costume singing with the chorus (as a boy)..maybe u could consider a quick trip? tickets may be hard to get but who knows this may be a once in a lifetime event!!??
love u… lyric opera for u? keep practicing!

beautiful! I love it- I bet Jake could accompany you on piano and you will be the first cyber Dad and son duet!

Beautiful! I love it. I bet Jake could accompany you on piano and you will be the first cyber Dad and son duet.this is very beautiful.



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Fantastic site. I am going to need a decent amount of time to absorb your stuff!

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