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The problem with Boy Scouts

Posted by mikedaum on August 29th, 2007

The Boy Scouts have long been on my shit-list thanks to their anti-gay stance. Which makes this latest news even funnier…or more depressing. Recent documents obtained as part of ongoing litigation show that in the past 60 years, 5,100 scout leaders have been axed due to charges of sexual abuse. Before 1991 the rate was about one every 3 days. In the last 16 years the rate has jumped to one removal every 2 days. I can’t say I’m surprised about the basic facts of the matter – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to imagine what sort of person is drawn to leading “packs” of fit, impressionable boys. But the enormous rate and the fact that they kept it quiet – even through the Catholic church’s similar problems – certainly caught me off guard.