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Garden Roses

Posted by mikedaum on June 14th, 2007

Well, it’s no suprise, but certainly spectacular.  Last night the first of the roses in Elena’s garden opened up.  We have blossoms on 4 plants so far:

The red rose bush by the front fence

The giant pink rose which climbs up the side of the house

The light pink bush by the house

Red roses woven into the fence by the front walkway


Posted by mikedaum on June 12th, 2007

First peony

Todays garden-citement was the opening of the red peonies right in front of our front door. The ants have been busily chewing the flowers open for about a week, and this morning the whole bunch just popped open. Here’s a look at the group:

Bunch of peonies

Next up are the roses for sure. You can see some red ones woven into the fence behind the peonies. Here’s a closer look at a bunch of fatty buds that’ll open up sometime this week:


The Jonathon

Posted by mikedaum on June 5th, 2007


Jonathan Purdy-Flacks, son of our friends Janis Purdy and Diane Flacks was born with a pair of conditions which have led him to spend most of his young life in the hospital. He recently had a pair of heart surgery’s and is back in critical care, and his health is improving slowly. I can’t really explain how brave and tough these guys have been through an ordeal which is as all-consuming and overwhelming as is possible to endure.

Today it was announced on the purdy-flacks blog that friends have organized The Jonathon, a terrific benefit show to celebrate the plucky lad and to support the family. A fantastic idea. The show looks great, and we’ll greatly look forward to being there. There’s also a silent auction, which I strongly encourage those who can’t make it to participate in. I’ll happily pick up anything you win a bid on and get it to you.

A terrific show of support to some really wonderful people who are going through a tougher time than anyone should ever have to. So let’s send our thoughts and bids out to Janis, Diane, Eli and Jonathan!

First Iris

Posted by mikedaum on June 1st, 2007

Elena’s first lily

The first Iris of Spring bloomed today in Elena’s garden in the front of our house. I took the opportunity to polish my flower porn skills. They definitely need some work (for example the kids’ toys in the background don’t add much), but they flower was truly beautiful.

OMG!! They buried my son!

Posted by mikedaum on June 1st, 2007

Yesterday at Wellesley Park Jake’s friend Eli seems to have buried him in the sand. Leaving only what Jake described as a “live ball” (his head I think). Eli’s Mom Janis caught it all on video thankfully, so even though I missed the action, I was able to appreciate the drama.

Jacob’s Spring Concert

Posted by mikedaum on May 17th, 2007

Jacob at the Spring Concert

Today was the day of the Spring Concert at Winchester PS, where Jacob goes to Junior Kindergarten!  We were treated to the musical stylings of each class in Jake’s school.  Jake’s class dressed as flowers and performed a spectacular rendition of “I’m a little teapot”.

Sophie was there to cheer her brother on.  She seemed to really enjoy the show and tried her best to play along with the different moves she saw going on onstage!

Sophie at the Spring Concert