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Vive le jeu de dames

Posted by mikedaum on August 13th, 2007

Checkerboard France

Been a long time since Mr. Gonzales’ world history class at BFHS…which of course would be the last time I learned anything substantial about the French revolution. I do remember liking the wacky stuff they did to create logical, well organized systems for ev-ry-thing, like new names for all the months (Thermidor) and the metric system. Must say I was surprised when I saw this map. Never knew how far they took the stuff. Believe it or not, this checkerboard was the original draft of the plan for France’s current d├ępartements (it was altered a bit by the time the plan was complete).

Thouret, the guy who drew the map seems to have died by guillotine during the reign of terror. Shame.