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Singing with my own sweet self

Posted by mikedaum on November 14th, 2008

Sometimes when I’m walking around I sing to myself.  Maybe I get some strange looks on the street, but in general it works for me.  Usually it’s a Niggun-like repeating pattern, that changes a bit over time.  And it occured to me that I have a computer and stuff  that would let me actually sing with myself if I let it, and the tune’s evolution would turn into harmony, maybe.

Well it took me more time than my Linux-addled pride cares to admit to get stuff set up for that, but I finally did it.  And in honour of it being Erev Shabbos I sang something very close to a pre-Barucha Niggun.  Well, the technique certainly needs refinement (not to mention the singing), but I figured I’d send out the results anyway, because I actually really like them! So without further ado…here’s my First Song with Me.

Unbridled joy

Posted by mikedaum on August 31st, 2007

Allofmp3 to return

Posted by mikedaum on August 27th, 2007

Yay.  According to this message on their site, allofmp3 will soon resume their tasty service.  Seems a Russian court has recently decided that, as they always charmingly pointed out, allofmp3 does not violate any Russian copyright laws.  To my knowledge, they do not violate any Canadian ones either.  Umm, there might be a bit of problem with US copyright law though….but I’m no expert.