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Nasa’s in great shape

Posted by mikedaum on July 26th, 2007

Two separate feel-good items from Nasa today:

First we have a charming act of sabotage.  Acting in a manner befitting a Jeff Goldblum character in a summer blockbuster,  an unidentified Nasa worker was caught deliberately sabotaging a computer which was to be taken to the Space Station aboard the shuttle Endeavour.  Nasa won’t speculate on motive, however.  Shame…I could use a diaper laden tail of unrequited love to spice up my evening.

Next up are the findings of an independent panel which was set up to look into the health and well-being of the afore-alluded diaper drama.  The panel found a pattern of astronauts breaking the 12 hour “bottle to throttle” rule.  That rule being that you should not drink and fly spaceships.  Of particular note were two occasions on which astronauts were allowed to fly even after flight surgeons and other astronauts deemed them so drunk as to pose a flight-safety risk.