Posted by mikedaum on October 17th, 2007

Great post on Strange Maps dealing with the 20th century history of Sarejevo.

The post is certainly interesting in general.  One part that resonated with me was their application of the term “Urbicide” — the killing of a city.  Examples given were Sarejevo, Gaza, and New Orleans.  Lovely to see the language evolve, eh?

I like to think I’d be more grateful

Posted by mikedaum on October 12th, 2007

Here’s Doris Lessing’s initial reaction upon learning that she won the Nobel Prize:

Coffee Complaint

Posted by mikedaum on October 10th, 2007

So we’re out of coffee at home.  Not proud of it.

That means that for the second day I bought a coffee at the “Mega Bites” cafe on the first floor of the Bahen Centre.  Medium Dark.  All in, the price of this coffee is $2.01.  On neither day did I have the penny.  This forced the transaction to require:

  1. Discussion beforehand about whether I had a penny
  2. Discussion afterwards about how she was not allowed to forgo the penny because she’s little more than a trained rat looking for kibble and maybe an occasional hit of delicious high-grade cocaine buried deep inside of her corporate union-busting labyrinth.
  3. An extended process of making change (both days I had $1 and $2 coins in ample supply)
  4. Me to consume valuable time blogging this gruntle
  5. You to consume valuable time reading it (sorry, but if you’ve read this far, shame on you)

So it would be really great if they would drop the price by one penny.  My guess is that they themselves would actually save money.

My luck with football

Posted by mikedaum on September 10th, 2007

I’m still stinging from the crushing defeat of the Saints last Thursday night.  The lot of the Saints fan has never been carefree, to be sure, but things are still looking very positive.  Somehow I seem to be associated one way or another with football teams which have trouble winning.  The rally chant at every school I have attended was “That’s alright, that’s OK, you’re gonna work for us someday.”  Classist at least, but you have to cling to something.

Now I’m at UofT, pursuing the highest level degree I’ve yet attempted.  It seems somehow fitting that the accompanying football should be epically horrible.  So I can’t say I was surprised when I read that the Varsity Blues are closing in on the record for most lost games in a row.  I haven’t followed this as closely as I should have, but it seems that our 50–7 loss to the Ottawa Gee-Gees over the weekend was number 43 in a streak.  The record is 47 losses in a row, which will happen on October 13th!  What’s more is that by sheer coincidence that will also be the 6 year anniversary of the last time the Blues won a game.

Mark the date.

Bush’s early Rosh Hashana

Posted by mikedaum on September 6th, 2007


Bush sent out a lovely Rosh HaShana message today.  Unfortunately the holiday begins one week from today.  Accident?  Somehow I don’t think so.


Digital Fat-ography

Posted by mikedaum on September 6th, 2007

Finally, the solution to the much wringed-about obesity epidemic! HP has added a terrific new feature to its new digital cameras — automatic slimming. With the press of a button, the camera will automatically make the subjects look slimmer. From the marketing-speak:

With the slimming feature, anyone can appear more slender—instantly.

  • The effect is subtle—subjects still look like themselves
  • Can be adjusted for a more dramatic effect
  • See a before and after version, then decide which to keep

The first bullet is a bit crummy. If I wanted to look like myself I wouldn’t be using this feature. But I have to say I’m intrigued by the second bullet. How dramatic exactly? At what weight will I need this turbo-boost? How much Ben and Jerry’s can I eat between now and then?


Too funky indeed

Posted by mikedaum on September 6th, 2007

Ah well.  Just saw at UrbanPhoto that McGill’s Architecture Cafe is closing.

In my McGill days of yore I spent hours and hours in there.  They used to bring in a box of these delicious sandwiches on crusty buns for lunch.  My favorite was called the Pepperonata…a name which still makes me hungry hungry.  They also had a couch on which one could catch a few winks after an all-nighter, or before an exam.

I suppose it’s no big surprise that McGill wants to move out this student-run sloppy-op with a slick Corporate Licensee.  The same happened here at UofT last year when the Arbor Room was replaced with Sammy’s House of Not Very Good Food.  Profit has now become the primary human right.

Sigh. I joined facebook.

Posted by mikedaum on September 5th, 2007

At least it gives me more buttons to click on while I pretend to do work :)

On the positive side is this video. Not really sure why I like it so much, but I do.

Unbridled joy

Posted by mikedaum on August 31st, 2007